BBCs Adler warns EU to spiral into new crisis over complete inability to act together

BBC's Adler warns EU to spiral into new migrant crisis

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Katya Adler suggested clashes among European Union member states can be expected as the issue of migration and border protection across the Schengen Area is reignited. France has been clashing with the United Kingdom over the increasing number of crossings from Calais into the UK, which ended in tragedy for 27 people this week. And Poland has been clamouring for support from Brussels as Belarus puts pressure on its borders by refusing to control the influx of migrants seeking to cross into EU territory.

Speaking of Emmanuel Macron on Newscast, Ms Adler said: “He has asked help from the European Union because for him it is as much a European problem as it is an issue with the United Kingdom.

“And of course you know, we’ve seen what’s known as irregular migration – basically these awful dinghies – in different parts of the edges the external borders of Europe.”

The EU is not new to the pressure of mass immigration and some countries have been coping with large numbers of asylum seekers, refugees and economic migrants since well before 2015.

But over the past few months, with growing economic troubles in areas of the Middle East, northern and central Africa as well the ongoing conflicts in Yemen and Syria have contributed to an increasing number of people seeking better life opportunities in Europe.

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The BBC’s Europe Editor continued: “Remember the migrant crisis of 2015, well, that affected southern member states.

“We had Poland recently asking for help from the EU with its border with Belarus and here you have the problem in Calais.

“And something else that President Macron has said is, ‘look these asylum seekers and others who are here in Calais and want to get the UK, they don’t just magically appear here.’

“They have to make their way through other European Union countries in order to get here.”

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Ms Adler added: “As familiar as the irregular migration is for Brussells, it’s just as familiar the complete inability amongst the member states to agree on what to do about it.”

“So for example you’ve got an incoming Government in Germany, they want to make legal migration a lot easier, to deter people from risking their lives in those cold windy waters right now.

“Whereas for countries like Hungary and others in central Europe and Eastern Europe they say, no way!”

And attempts from the UK to reach an agreement with France on how to best tackle Channel crossings took a step back after Prime Minister Boris Johnson openly Tweeted his private letter to President Macron asking the French to take back migrants who have arrived in Britain.

Following the release of the letter, the French pulled out of their meeting with Home Secretary Priti Patel scheduled for this weekend. .

The meeting was expected to focus on the possibility of joint border patrols in France, combining the UK and French officers together to tackle smugglers assisting migrants with their dangerous crossing into the UK

The French interior minister Gerald Darmanin said Ms Patel “was no longer welcome”.

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