Biden sees 2024 reelection hopes dismantled as Dems have given up on US president

Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign discussed by expert

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Joe Biden has seen his support dwindle in recent weeks, with his popularity rates hitting a new low at 38 percent last week. His response to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and his multi-trillion plan to “build back better” appear not to have won him extra accolades. Political analyst Joe Siracusa suggested the US President is now looking at the Democratic Party turning away from him in favour of his deputy, Vice-President Kamala Harris.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, Prof Siracusa said: “What it’s doing is probing people in the Democratic Party about who they want to go for.

“The Democratic Party’s true believers, they believe in Kamala Harris, they want to get Michelle Obama out there.

“They’re quite sure that Biden is not going to recover from his negative figures.

“He’s underwater on the economy, immigration, foreign policy.”

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He continued: “He was getting a little bigger mark in coronavirus but that hasn’t worked out.

“This is a big weekend for the President. He now has more than 350,000 deaths on his watch, he used to say Trump got people killed because he didn’t know what he was doing.

“In every possible way, Joe Biden’s presidency is slipping away and there’s not much he can do about it.

“People know he’s not going to run, he said the other day he is available for reelection in 2024.”

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He added: “That’s not going to happen. Clearly, Democrats have given up on him too as well as the general public.

“He’s lost the independents and a lot of other people, I’m really worried about the things you see in America.”

FiveThirtyEight poll of polls showed earlier this month Mr Biden’s disapproval rating had hit 51.3 percent.

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The rise was considerable compared to the 36 percent he entered the White House at.

The passage of his infrastructure bill, the largest federal investment in over a decade, is believed to have delivered the latest blow to his popularity following Afghanistan.

A White House press release read: “The President will highlight how he is following through on his commitment to rebuild the middle class and the historic benefits the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will deliver for American families.”

Mr Biden entered the White House after beating incumbent Donald Trump in November 2020’s presidential election.

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