Binman accused of ‘fly-tipping’ by enraged students who moan about filthy street

Students who say their area has been plagued by waste problems filmed a video of a man he accused of "fly-tipping" rubbish bags that wouldn't fit inside a wheelie bin.

Harry Knott, who lives in a student house in Strawberry Hill, Salford, with his girlfriend, claimed the bloke in the footage is a bin man and complained to the council.

The recording shows a man in a high-vis top removing rubbish bags from some overflowing household waste wheelie bins and throwing them onto the street, MEN reports.

Harry, aged 20, said the rubbish bags, which belonged to another property, were "chucked" outside a bedroom window, causing the bags to break open.

He told the title: "It's awful the way they treat the street.

"It's like a dumping ground due to the fact collections are so infrequent and unreliable.

"One in four collections are never made so I don't know how they can expect the bins not to be full.

"It's disgusting how filthy it is, which has lead to pests and a disgusting smell.

"The council has been repeatedly called and nothing has been done."

University of Salford students say they have been storing all excess rubbish in their back garden and taking it to the tip when their bins are full.

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Harry says he has contacted the council repeatedly to complain about missed collections over recent months but has not received a satisfactory response.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service sent the video to Salford Council and asked the local authority to respond to Harry and his housemates' complaints.

Councillor David Lancaster, the lead member for environment and community safety in Salford, said no collections have been missed at Strawberry Hill and blamed residents for not recycling properly, causing bins to become full.

He said: "The bins have been emptied according to the correct collection schedule which is weekly for food or green waste, fortnightly for paper, glass and cans recycling and three weekly for non-recyclable waste.

"There is enough space in all the bins if people recycle fully so it is council policy not to collect extra bags of waste dumped beside bins.

"The cardboard and paper cartons spilling out of those bags could easily be recycled in the blue bin, for example.

"It is frustrating to see residents simply dump their rubbish in the street and expect the council to clean up after them. There is no excuse or justification for that.

"Whoever put those bags there is responsible for fly-tipping and we will investigate on that basis with a view to taking legal action against them.

"The rubbish will be removed as part of that investigation."

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