Bird blinds great white shark with poo in smoke screen to escape attack

Hilarious footage has captured the moment a bird pooed directly into a Great White Sharks face in an attempt to escape an attack.

In the footage, which has been shared by Carlos Gauna on his YouTube channel, The Malibu artist, has shown the moment the white faecal matter was sprayed through the water.

The so-called 'smoke screen' manoeuvre enabled the cormorant to make a narrow escape, which has gained more than 312,000 views.

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Carlos, who was narrating the clip, said: "The cormorant can't simply fly away like other birds.

"That's because their wings are not necessarily waterproof, a feature that comes in handy for diving at fish, but can make scenes like this much more common.

"Could this shark be trying to touch the bird with it's fin? Maybe so… but watch closely as this cormorant deployed a rather interesting deterring behaviour.

"Comically, it seems to have worked. You never know what you'll see when you're observing nature."


In the description, he said it was "one of the funniest encounters I've ever witnessed."

He also asked: "Does the bird employ a very interesting defence mechanism?"

Viewers were left fascinated by the footage as they took to the comment section to give their opinions.

One user said: "Amazing footage again. Absolute quality video. The cormorant dropping the "smoke screen" was brilliant.

"But the first shark investigating the kelp was a stunning shot."

Another added: "The shark's movement is so efficient. It’s like watching poetry in motion. Beautiful majestic creatures."

A third commented: "Outstanding videos! I am a biology professor, with experience in ethology, and an avid So Cal ocean swimmer, so I especially appreciate your excellent work from two perspectives."

A fourth wrote: "Your work with the drone and research is really helpful to educate us ignorant humans.

"Who can now understand not everything is out to get us in the natural world and that it's better to have a healthy respect for it."

The news comes after a snorkeler experienced a lucky escape after coming face to face with a shark when she was about to dive in deep water.

The woman came across the large shark, donning her snorkel and ready to take the plunge as she healed onto the boat side ladder.

Before taking a dive, she was seen submerging her face below the surface of the water before quickly hoisting herself back onto the boat.

Just moments later a set of gaping jaws came to the surface, as the large shark pursued her – narrowly missing her as it snapped its sharp teeth shut.

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