Blind dog gets carer pooch to guide her around and protect her from rival pets

A dog who lost her eyesight to glaucoma has found a new pal to be her "seeing eye" and they are inseparable wherever they go.

Owner Ms Su, from China’s capital Beijing, has been taking care of Mengmeng the Samoyed since she was just three weeks old.

The furry pooch was diagnosed with glaucoma – a painful condition that damaged the optic nerves – when she was five months old and gradually lost her eyesight completely.

Mengmeng had both eyes removed as a result and started wearing fake eyes instead.

Ms Su decided to get her lovable pooch a companion – a Shiba Inu named Tina – to help guide her around and the pair have now become inseparable.

Videos shared on Mengmeng’s dedicated Douyin account show Tina carefully guiding her big sister around with a leash connected to each other’s collars.

On their way home, she is seen taking the lead as they step out of the lift with the disabled dog following closely behind.

The two canines have built so much trust over the years that Tina now taps on Mengmeng's back to signal when it is safe to proceed.

Another clip shows Tina's incredible skills of keeping her pal away from danger.

The carer dog notices another Shiba Inu sniffing a distressed Mengmeng before quickly coming to her rescue and kicking the curious pooch away.

She then steps in between them and shields for her pal.

Their 33-year-old owner exclusively told Daily Star that Tina is very protective of Mengmeng.

She explained: "Tina changes her behaviour when she knows she has to take care of Mengmeng.

"As a Shiba Inu, she is very active and agile. But when she is leading Mengmeng on a leash, she becomes very gentle and will always wait for her whether they are going up or down the stairs.

"Tina is also very confident and alerted and not allow any other dogs to walk close to Mengmeng. She has to make sure the dog does not pose any harm to her big sister.

"One of her rules is that she would 'screen' the dog for at least three to five times to let it play with Mengmeng."

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Mengmeng is trained to sharpen her sniffing ability so that she can locate her owner's shoes, which have been sprayed in the pet's saliva.

"I used to play a little hide and seek game with her," Ms Su added. "She follows the scent of her saliva to find out where I am and I will move around so she would chase after me."

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