Bloke accidentally forks out £666 on burger on the way home from night out

A man was left over £600 out of pocket after getting a burger and chips on a friends reunion night out in York and says the error still hasn't been sorted a month on.

It was an ordinary night out for Toby Wilson, 35, before he ended up spending over £600 on a takeaway on the way home from a night out on December 23 last year.

It was after the trip to a local takeaway, Efe's Kebab Kitchen in York, that he noticed he had been charged £666.50 for a veggie burger and chips meal which should have cost him just £6.50.

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But when he approached the owner of the takeaway, Ahmed Adbdullah, Toby claims he simply told him to take it up with his bank instead – with the man still unable to find any resolution almost a month on from the incident.

Toby, who said he has suffered from "weeks" of stress as a result, said: “It’s very frustrating. Admittedly, at the start, it was a bit of a funny story. I thought it would be quickly sorted out and the banks would go 'yep, it’s an error'.

"But the bank is very slow at doing things. They said 'have you got a receipt?' The human aspect of it is I don’t. No one has a receipt for things like that."

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He added: "I have a mortgage and bills to pay. It is just very worrying. The point is the money is mine, and it’s a significant amount."

He explained he had been on a friends reunion in York when the incident occurred and that being a non-drinker he couldn't have got it "all wrong" at the end of the night.

After exchanging texts with Mr Adbullah Toby said he didn't refuse to reimburse him but instead insisted that he take it up with his bank.

He said: “Being a large conglomerate, they have rules to follow and things like that. I explained the story to them, and they essentially need him to say 'yes, it’s happened'.”

Ahmed Abdullah told a local paper he wanted Toby to talk to his bank for safety reasons, adding: “This is the legal way.”


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