Bloke baffled after spotting wild wallaby wandering the British countryside

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A wildlife photographer was left stunned after spotting a wallaby in the British countryside ⁠— leading fans to believe it has 'escaped from a zoo.'

In a TikTok video, the user known as @wildlifewithcookie, shows the animal sniffing around the grass through a clearing in some bushes, seen more clearly through his camera.

After seeing the body shape and long tail of the animal, there is no mistaking that it is a wallaby ⁠— which was spotted in the UK rather than its native habits in Australia and New Guinea.

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The caption, on the video which has amassed more than 116,000 views, said: "Look what I found in the UK the other day…"

TikTok users took to the comments to share their theories about how the animal came to be found so far from home and to thank Cookie for his incredibly rare find.

One user wrote: "They’ve escaped zoos and private collections and have managed to thrive, fantastic little guys."

Another added: "You're living my dream mate, going out filming rare wildlife."

A third said: "I have only just learned there are wallabies in England."

A fourth wrote: "Yep, we had a wildlife park where some escaped years ago. Now we have wild ones (Comrie Scotland)."

Others even suggested places more could be found as they said that a population of them can be found on "an island on Loch Lomond" or the Isle of White and one has even been sighted in Solihull, West Midlands or Oundle, Northamptonshire.

Cookie has since confirmed that he is filming a documentary about the species following the encounter.

In the comments, he wrote: "I’m filming a documentary about these Wallabies, subscribe to the YouTube to see it when it comes out."

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