Bloke busted after posing as drugs cop for two years to get half price burgers

A bloke who had been claiming half-price burgers for two years was rumbled when the restaurant manager finally asked to see his ID.

Jesse Stover had claimed to be an undercover police officer working for the Drug Enforcement Agency [DEA], and had taken advantage of the 50% offered to cops by the Wendys burger chain in the US.

But when Stover, 57, strolled into the Wendy’s in Bunnell, a city about 20 miles north of Daytona Beach in Florida, and asked for his usual half-price burger things didn’t quite go to plan.

Restaurant manager Jamie Davis, asked to see the “DEA Agent’s” badge and was given a quick flash of something that later turned out be a “concealed Weapon Permit” novelty badge that can be bought in retail stores across the US.

Ms Davis, 44, asked for a closer look, at which point Stove became “argumentative,” saying he didn’t have to show his badge because he was undercover, and threatened to report the employee to Wendy’s corporate office for denying him the 50% discount.

The police were called, and soon established that Stover did not work with any law enforcement agency.

The “DEA Agent” was charged with falsely impersonating an officer, which is a federal offence in the US, and taken to the Flagler County jail.

It was later established that Stover had been a Wendy’s customer for at least customer for two years and originally started getting discount from a friend that had worked there.

After that employee left, Stover dreamed up his “cop badge” scam.

While being questioned by police, Stover “admitted that he had a concealed carry badge within his wallet, and that he did show it to the employee after they requested to see it”.

He then stated, according to the arrest report, that “he was a police officer a long time ago, but he was fired because he was an alcoholic.” The police officer searched Stover and found the badge, engraved with the words “concealed weapon permit,” which could easily be confused with an officer’s badge.

Stover was released later that day on $2,500 (£2,000) bond, and police have requested CCTV footage of the incident from Wendy’s.

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