Bloke caught performing oral sex on tourist – but people slag off his trainers

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Holidaymakers were left shocked after they caught sight of a couple in the throes of passion on the Algarve strip.

George Fuller was walking down the Av. Sá Carneiro in Albufeira, Portugal when he spotted a bloke on his knees, with his head up a woman's skirt.

The London lad began recording the pair and shared the clip on Twitter, showing the man performing an oral sex act on the woman who had her legs over his shoulders as he moved his head up and down.

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It appeared that the woman was sitting on a ledge in front of a mobile phone repair shop as the man kneeled down on the pavement below her.

The lad and his mates walked close to the action but the brazen pair didn't appear to be bothered about having spectators as they carried on in full view of any passers-by.

Twitter users were shocked by the clip as it quickly gained more than 1,500 likes and 100 retweets from viewers who poked fun at the situation or declared their disgust at their actions.

One user wrote: "As if nothing got said. There’s got to be a kebab at the end of the night joke in there somewhere."

Another said: "Can we normalise shame again?"

A third added: "He looks like he’s blowing an airbed up."

But a fourth quipped: "Absolutely outrageous, who’d wear no make trainers."

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