Bloke convinced he has Covid seals himself inside car creating quarantine unit

A bloke convinced he had Covid has sealed himself inside of his own car for 10 hours in a makeshift quarantine unit.

The unnamed resident residing in Bejing, China had decorators over at his home on Tuesday morning when he was informed one of them had tested positive for coronavirus.

He took himself outside, got inside of his white coupe car and did not budge from inside of the vehicle until 10pm that evening, without even bothering to take a test.

The cautious resident claimed he knew his chances of infection at the time were high and wanted to avoid causing trouble for others.

He said: "I knew my chances of being infected are very high, so I tried to avoid contact with anyone to avoid troubles with others.

"Immediately after I knew about this, I stayed in my car without even opening the window. That was what I should do for public health."

Despite his self-imposed isolation, photos taken at the scene show official Covid-19 quarantine notice stickers sealing the doors of the car, with the resident not addressing who put the tape around the vehicle.

The bloke added that he was hungry around 5pm and ordered himself a KFC in a contact-free delivery.

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He said: "It was a contact-free delivery. The delivery man put my food by the roadside and I went to pick it up after he left."

It remains unclear as to whether or not the man had been officially tested for the virus, The Mirror reports.

China's state news, China News Service, reported on the man's bizarre actions and situation in an apparent effort to rally fellow Beijing residents into taking similar precautions should they find themselves exposed to coronavirus.

Certain cities in China like Shanghai have found themselves under strict new lockdown measures in an attempt to contain positive cases.

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