Bloke fuming as penis unnecessarily removed by doc who played Russian Roulette

A hospital has been forced to pay a patient huge sums of compensation after it unnecessarily led to a man’s entire penis being amputated.

The furious bloke said unnecessary surgeries at Nantes University Hospital, France, had seen doctors there “play Russian roulette” with him, and now he could no longer “feel anything”.

Around £53,700 (€‎61,000) was ordered to be paid for “wrongful breaches” that led to “a total removal of the penis”.

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The patient toldFrance Bleu: “I have hatred towards this doctor who did not listen to me.

“He played Russian roulette with me!

“But you can't replace a feeling of a penis with several sensors."

In 2014 the patient, then aged 30, was diagnosed with carcinoma, a type of malignant cancer that attacks epithelial tissue.

However, according to the Administrative Court of Nantes, his treatment “was characterized by faulty breaches” that would ultimately lead to the cancer claiming his entire penis.

From the Loire-Atlantique region in western France, the father of three told France Bleu he was “disgusted,” adding “I'm really devastated and it's really shameful".

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The urologist at the University Hospital had allegedly been aiming to remove as much of the tumour as possible while damaging as little of the penis as they could, but the plan didn’t work.

The pain being caused by the condition intensified: “I was completely crazy,” the patient said, “there was even a moment when I wanted to cut it myself.

“It was my wife who stopped me. I had the cutter, Betadine, and I was preparing my thing in the garage!”

Years passed and the cancer intensified, and in the end, a doctor in Lyon said the penis had to be removed in its entirety.

"Inside I knew it,” he said.

“It was either death or that. And indeed he had removed everything. He had just left the testicles and had cut at the base".

His lawyer, Me Georges Parastatis had initially sued for one million Euros.

He added that there would be an appeal being filed, "to assert the singularity of this file, which French administrative jurisprudence has difficulty in conceiving.

"The psychological damage was not taken into account”.

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