Bloke loses a leg after slipping on slice of tomato in freak sandwich accident

A man has told how slipping on a slice of tomato that fell out of his sandwich led to having his foot amputated and came close to killing him.

Malcolm White says he was an active, sociable bloke until mid-July when the freak accident changed his life forever.

He explained: “It was when we had the really warm weather and we were sat out in the garden.

“[Malcolm’s wife] Yvonne asked if I wanted anything to eat and I said yes, I would have a salad and cold meat sandwich.

“She made it and for some reason I ended up walking back into the house holding the sandwich and a bit of tomato fell out and I slipped on it and hit my toe off the skirting board."

“I managed to get back up and sat in the garden and that’s when I noticed my toe was really black," he told the Daily Record.

“I actually thought paint had rubbed off on it from the garden furniture so I tried to wash it off.”

Malcolm, 65, was taken to the Vale of Leven Hospital and for an x ray, and doctors told him he had fractured his foot.

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He continued: “They told me to come back on the Monday and get it checked because of the colour of it but Yvonne was really worried as it started spreading up my foot and called the doctor out over the weekend.

“The next thing I remember is waking up in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital after four days in intensive care.”

Malcolm was told doctors had discovered blood clots in his leg which had blocked blood vessels, leading to his skin turning black.

Doctors performed surgery to remove the clots but unfortunately the procedure was unsuccessful.

Malcolm continued: “When I came round I was confused and didn’t know why I was there.

“The surgeon said to me ‘look at your foot’. I looked down and my toes and part of my foot was completely black.

“He said ‘if you keep your foot you’ll die’ so I had no other option but to agree to get it amputated from the knee.

“I’d had a couple of falls not long before all this happened where I’d passed out.

“Not long before I’d broken my right leg and ankle in six places and I did the same thing again shortly after so I don’t know if it’s something to do with that.

“The doctors were amazing at the hospital and I can’t thank them enough for looking after me.”

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Malcolm says life has changed beyond recognition for both him and Yvonne, with the couple no longer being able to do things they enjoyed.

Now he can’t even make it upstairs to go to bed or use the loo, and is stuck in one room all day every day.

“I’ve been in my garden once since this happened,” he says, “and that was when my neighbour helped me out.

“I was sat there crying wondering when I was going to see it again and feel the fresh air on my face.”

Malcolm said he has been told the council is planning to move the couple into a new-build bungalow but he has no idea when that will be.

He said they would prefer to stay in their own home and have it adapted but that the council has said that’s not possible.

A council spokesperson said: “We are sorry this tenant is unhappy and continue to provide support and assistance to him.

“Our occupational health team conducted a comprehensive assessment of Mr White’s needs and although his current property is not adaptable to meet his medical requirements, we are working hard to provide an alternative property that does, while considering the type and location he has requested.

“We will continue to liaise with Mr White until a property that meets his current and future requirements becomes available in the area he has specified.”

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