Bloke slapped with fine for stopping for under a minute to read parking sign

A pensioner was slapped with a £255 fine after stopping for less than a minute to read a road sign.

Andy Smith, 75, dropped two pals off at East Midlands Airport on January 2, entering the airport drop-off zone around 5pm and paying the £5 drop-off fee so the friends could check their luggage in.

He then drove them to the nearby Leonardo Hotel where they were staying overnight ahead of their flight, reports NottinghamshireLive.

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Andy approached the hotel unsure of the arrangements for dropping someone off, and saw there was a barrier blocking the car park. During the approach he stopped for less than a minute to read the parking sign, with weather conditions making that difficult.

Weeks later Andy received a Charge Notice stating he was being fined £100 for stopping on a red line.

This later increased to £255 as Andy did not pay and instead tried to appeal it before taking the matter to court.

However, on Tuesday (July 11) East Midlands Airport confirmed they would be cancelling the fine after being contacted by NottinghamshireLive.

Andy described the situation as "ridiculous." He said initially: "I was absolutely staggered that I should be charged for stopping to read the hotel’s notice.

"I’ve complained to the parking company, used their appeals process, and complained to East Midlands Airport. It all falls on deaf ears."

Andy feared going to court to sort the situation out, and felt as if the airport was punishing "two confused pensioners who simply stopped momentarily to read a sign".

He added: "If the sign isn’t supposed to be read, why is it there?" He now feels "relieved" that the airport has decided not to issue the fine.

An East Midlands Airport spokesperson, said: "Having reviewed the footage of Mr Smith’s vehicle movements, we have instructed Vehicle Control Services (VCS), which enforces no waiting on red-routed airport estate roads, to cancel the fine. We apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused him.

"Controlling traffic flow across a busy airport site is key to keeping visitors safe. For this reason, airport estate roads are red-routed and 'no stopping' signage is clearly visible to discourage drivers from waiting in undesignated parking areas when dropping off and collecting passengers."

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