Bloke suffers life threatening emergency at sons wedding after wrong meal

A dad who was left struggling to breathe was rushed to hospital in an ambulance after being served the "wrong meal" at his son's wedding.

Andrew Hunneybel had been celebraring his eldest son, Alex's big day at Gaynes Park, Essex on August 7, before he was served lunch containing egg and fish, which he is allergic to.

The 51-year-old said he had to use his EpiPen before being rushed to hospital, missing out on precious memories from the big day.

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Food provider Venue Catering and Events Limited have since launched a probe.

Heartbroken Andrew said he missed the first dance and speeches of Alex's wedding because of the company's "carelessness and negligence."

He said: “I’m really upset and even now it’s upsetting to watch the videos of the day because I think ‘I should have been there’ – it’s my son’s wedding.

“Because of their carelessness and negligence, I’ve missed my son’s wedding – I'm just concerned that people think they can get away with these things.”

Andrew, from Brentwood, Essex, claims he told staff on arrival that he suffered from a severe allergy to eggs and fish.

The building inspector said he alerted them again to his severe allergy before food was served and checked a final time when the plate was put in front of him.

But it wasn’t until he finished his meal and began to feel unwell that he knew something was wrong.

He began choking and struggling to breathe.

He rushed to the bathroom where his son found him and explained staff were trying to find him after they allegedly gave him the wrong meal.

“I feel in this day and age they should be more careful with allergies as they went ahead and poisoned me and I missed my son’s wedding,” claimed dad-of-four Andrew.

“My son is upset as it shouldn’t have gone on and taken away from his wedding – the venue needs to step up and realise they can’t make these kinds of mistakes."

Andrew said he had a meeting at the hotel where he was told he would need to discuss the refund with their insurer Allianz.

“The insurance company have said they don’t pay for memories and made me feel like a criminal – they said they would need independent doctors to examine me," he said.

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Allianz said they cannot go into details regarding individual ongoing claims but confirmed they are investigating.

A spokesperson for Venue Catering and Events Limited also confirmed they are investigating and said: "We take food safety and allergens extremely seriously, as such we are fully investigating the claims made by Mr Hunneybel to understand what may have happened on this occasion.

"We have strict protocols in place to record and manage allergen information and request this information as part of the booking process."

"Despite being provided with inaccurate allergy information for Mr Hunneybel in advance, this was picked up as part of our final checks when guests are seated at tables and this information was conveyed to the kitchen team and noted on the table plan.

"This was clearly a distressing incident for Mr Hunneybel and his family, and we are sorry that despite his wish to remain at the wedding, he went to hospital as a precautionary measure and therefore missed the end of the event."


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