Bloke who scooped £39m on Lottery tells winners how not to blow their fortune

A bloke who won an incredible £39million jackpot prize more than three decades ago has shared how he stopped from blowing through the cash.

In 1999, Puerto Rican native John Falcon won the New York Lottery’s biggest prize at the time.

Minus a few million, the then 44-year-old has managed to hold onto his riches – unlike some cautionary tales.

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And he claims there are a few ways he’s managed to tighten the strings on his cash and avoid bursting through it.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Falcon said that he is “so happy” and that he has “not one regret”.

The multi-millionaire put a large percentage of maintaining his wealth down to hiring financial advisors to keep him in check.

His other biggest piece of advice for overnight millionaires is not to get all of your money at once.

In a previous interview with ABC News, Falcon told: “There was no sun, I tell you. There was just darkness, clouds, rain, constant snow. I was working. It was very Dickensian, I was like Oliver Twist.”

The 43-year-old won using his lucky numbers, which were taken from his old addresses. His first purchase after the win included £140,000 on his teeth.

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Followed by the purchase of a luxury apartment at Trump Tower.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “It was nothing truly extravagant. I wanted to buy a house – I wanted a home. I've lived in the same apartment since 2002.

"He built one good thing and I happen to live in it."

At the time, it was New York's largest-ever single win and he had no idea what to do with all the cash.

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He previously said: "There is nothing on the ticket that tells you what your next step is. So, do you know what I mean? I didn't know what to do.

"Do I go back to the bodega where I bought it and ask for my $45 million? I mean, what do I do?"

The lucky winner insisted he is very wary about spending his new cash, especially after watching the English musical on Broadway called "Spend Spend Spend" which followed the epic tail of a cake factory worker turned lottery-winning woman who blew it all champagne, booze and cars.

Falcon added he has "learned the word no” as it isn’t an endless amount of money.

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"I was 44 when I won the lottery, if I had been 24 – I would be broke now and working at a BBQ joint," he laughed.

Falcon requested that he got his lottery winnings in instalments over the course of 26 years, and said he carefully avoided all the 'once-in-a-lifetime' investment opportunities being pitched to him constantly.

"Money always makes things better," he now says. "I have not one regret. Should I?"

He paused before adding: "except probably buying a great apartment in the Trump tower."


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