Bloke won £30k on lottery and collected prize in blazer of dollar bills

A lucky bloke who won big in a lottery draw showed up to collect his prize in a blazer covered in dollar bills.

While accepting their winnings the man and his partner chose to hide their names and faces – having the giant cheque made out to ‘power couple’.

The pair from White Plains, Maryland State, US, won a total of $34,683 (£28,823) after feeling a ‘calling’ to the particular shop where they bought the ticket.

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The chef and his wife told how in the weeks leading up to their win they knew they were in line for a fortune.

When the woman stopped at a petrol station to fuel their car, she saw a Food Lion grocery store and knew she felt the urge to buy some tickets.

A statement shared via Maryland Lottery said: "There was something calling me to go to the Food Lion. It was calling my name."

Realising they may have a winning ticket, she scanned the ticket using the lottery app on her phone and was stunned to receive an odd message.

She said: "When I read it, I said, 'Are my eyes deceiving me?' I took it to another store and asked the clerk to scan it.

"He did and then he did a double-take. He said, 'You hit the jackpot!' It was so exciting!"

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She rushed home to tell her husband their good news so they could head to the headquarters to collect their prize – and the man dressed to impress.

The pair say the funds will be used to pay off the loan on the food truck they own, along with other bills.

Stating the money “was heaven sent. It was our time."

Lottery officials say that retailers are awarded a £288.33 bonus for every winning ticket of $20,000 (£16,625) or more.

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They added: "The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.

"The Gold Fish game went on sale in September 2022, and still has 17 progressive jackpots remaining, along with more than one million prizes ranging from $2 (£1.66) to $1,000 (£831.15).

"The progressive jackpot won by 'Power Couple' is the third one in the game."


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