Blood on his hands! Emmanuel Macron shamed as French leader accused of causing 15k deaths

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A scientific study conducted by the French daily, Le Monde accused Emmanuel Macron of being responsible for 15,000 COVID-19 deaths in France by refusing to follow the advice of the Scientific Council.

The Council recommended the French leader impose a lockdown in February, but Mr Macron refused to follow the advice at the time.

According to the study published last Friday, this scandal could cost Emmanuel Macron the elections in 2022 because it alleged that 15,000 deaths could have been avoided if the government had followed the instructions of the Scientific Council to impose a national lockdown at the end of January and not at the beginning of April.

Le Monde said: “According to our estimates, around 14,600 deaths, 112,000 hospitalisations, including 28,000 in intensive care, and 160,000 long-term COVID-19 cases could have been avoided.

“To achieve this result, we carried out a fairly simple exercise: we took the evolution curves of the three main epidemiological indicators (deaths, resuscitations, hospitalisations), carried out using national data from mainland France published by the health security agency Public Health France, and we postponed them by two months upstream.

“The change observed from April 1 is therefore anticipated to February 1.

“We first observe a slowdown in progression, stabilisation, then a massive decline from the third week following the restriction measures, first noticeable in hospitalisations, then in intensive care, and finally on deaths.

“Then you just have to assess the difference between the two curves.”

The study continued: “Regarding long COVID-19 cases, we did it slightly differently. Experts agree that one in ten symptomatic people will develop a chronic form of the disease, with symptoms persisting for at least six months after infection.

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“But the exact number of symptomatic cases remains poorly assessed, with some patients escaping the radar of the health administration.

“We therefore recalculated it from the number and rate of hospitalisation among symptomatic people, a value known in the different age groups.

“It thus appears that around 1.62 million symptomatic cases could have been avoided, and therefore some 160,000 cases of long COVID-19.”

Asked by Le Monde, the French health ministry declined to “comment on figures for which it does not know the methodology.”

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The French daily not stop there.

It referred to a note sent to Emmanuel Macron by the Scientific Council on January 29 signed by Jean-François Delfraissy, President of the Scientific Council.

The note focused on the urgency of lockdown, stressing: “the most affected countries could only stop the English variant with a strict lockdown.”

But the government refused to follow Delfraissy’s instructions.

A decision that according to the French press was “fatal”.

Three months later, France recorded more deaths than its neighbours.

Le Monde’s report noted: “Three months later, a comparison between large European countries tended to prove this right.

“Between February 1 and June 1, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany recorded fewer deaths than France.

“Only Italy did worse.

“In terms of intensive care admissions too, France has constantly received more patients than its neighbours.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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