Bodybuilder who downs semen smoothies says breast implant leak cost her marriage

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A vegan bodybuilder who downs semen smoothies to stave off Covid said that she gets "dozens of marriage proposals a day" after a leaking breast implant ended her marriage.

Fitness fanatic Tracy Kiss from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, told the Daily Star about how her breast implants leaked "industrial grade silicone into my body".

Plant-based Tracy, 32, went viral last year when she made the revelation that she drinks semen to stave off Covid and other illness.

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Opening up on her transformation after severe illness prior to drinking the less than appetising liquid, she told us: "Fast forward to today, I have to take a step back and pinch myself at how different my life has become.

"I now have five million social media followers, dozens of marriage proposals a day and am the strongest mentally, physically and emotionally that I have ever been in life."

She described how nine years ago her breast implants, which contained unapproved silicone gel, started leaking, leaving her desperately ill – and all alone.

"Never did I expect my breast implants endangering my life would also cost me a marriage," she said.

Tracy said that her partner left her, at a moment when she needed him the most.

She said: "I innocently believed that love was forever, that you meet somebody you love, settle down, get married and have children just as my grandparents and parents had.

"But our generation is different, relationships are so disposable.

"I felt absolutely heartbroken and scared to be left as a single parent at the age of 25 with two children, whilst my son was just a baby."

Tracy, who said she spent more than £50,000 on plastic surgery last year, said life has improved drastically.

"Comparing my life now to my life back then has left people online astounded, with many saying that I'm totally unrecognisable but it's the difference that self-love, self-worth and self-belief makes to your existence," she said.

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"If somebody fails to see you for the beautifully individual soul that you are then it's their loss, never base your worth on the opinions, criticism and judgements of others."

In February last year, Tracy vowed to keep drinking her special semen formula as she awaited her vaccine, and encouraged others to do so too.

“I haven’t had a cold or flu in years – I don’t remember the last time I was sick, simply because I lead a healthy, active lifestyle and consume semen on a regular basis,” she told Vice.


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