Boozed-up mum slashed teen across chest as her terrified children watched on

A drunken mum repeatedly stabbed a 14-year-old girl with a smashed up chunk of a mirror in a drunken frenzy.

Charlotte Owens, 32, was hysterical after returning home from an evening of heavy drinking, and smashed up a mirror before attacking the teen in front of her own children.

The mum-of-six, from Hamilton in Scotland, had to be restrained by her then-husband as she caused the young girl to bleed.

Owens pled not guilty to assault of a child and threatening behaviour at Hamilton Sheriff Court but was found guilty following a trial.

Call centre worker Owens burst into her bedroom at lunchtime on January 27 to sleep-off the effects of a drinking session only to find her husband playing with five kids, the Daily Record reports.

She flew into a furious rage and began a rampage through the house.

Owens stormed into the en-suite shower room yelling and punched the mirror, shattering it as the 14-year-old girl tried to calm her.

But Owens, now known as Morris, bent down and grabbed a shard before lunging at the 14-year-old and slashing twice at her chest – slicing through her T-shirt and into her flesh.

One former friend of Owens said: “She was feeling and looking the worse for wear after her boozy night out and wanted to go to sleep to recover. She wasn’t happy they didn’t vacate the room quickly enough for her so she went to the en-suite shouting and punched the mirror.

“She ran at the girl like a crazy person and slashed her. The girl was very scared.”

Owens was tackled to the floor by her husband but continued to lash out – stabbing the crying 14-year-old twice in the foot.

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The former pal said: “The husband, with difficulty, managed to push her to the ground to try to stop the attack.

“But it didn’t stop her and she continued to inflict damage before her husband could drag her away. During the scuffle, all of the children were screaming and crying in terror.”

Owens then broke a wooden spindle off the staircase and brandished it at her husband, sending him fleeing with the screaming kids.

The former pal added: “She wielded it around while threatening her husband who had to retreat with the children into the safety of the bedroom.”

Her brave 14-year-old victim dialled 999 and police raced to the scene – arresting Owens at a pal’s place after she fled the house.

Owens, from Hamilton, was slapped with a community payback order with a one-year supervision and a non-harassment order for two years when she was sentenced on October 2.

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