Boris Johnson could slash holiday quarantine from two weeks to eight days

Boris Johnson could slash holiday quarantine from two weeks to eight days.

The PM may reduce the isolation period for arrivals to the UK over fears that the two-week rule is ruining the economy.

The  Mail on Sunday  reports that people could be tested for Covid-19 eight days after they arrive in Britain.

But Government insiders have stressed that no decision has been made yet.

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab confirmed that a testing policy for newcomers is under review as he appeared on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show.

Boris Johnson is said to have told Conservative MPs that he hopes for an “infectiousness test”.

Such a test would reveal patients who had tested positive for Covid-19 but not pass it on to others. 

An attendee of the Tory 1922 Committee said that politicians were led to believe speedy testing is coming.

This could allow the Government to ditch blanket quarantine measures and focus on reopening industries.

It follows a cross-party group of MPs asking the PM to reconsider his quarantine policy in a joint letter sent to the Mail on Sunday.

Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair said: “The insistence on the current quarantine measures is doing huge harm to the British economy – quite unnecessarily so”.

Former Brexit secretary David Davis said that quarantine measures risked the strangulation of the economy. 

Heathrow is making preparations just in case the Government announces a change.

It has set up Britain's first airport testing hub with the capacity to swab 13,000 people a day.

There are growing fears of mass redundancies in the travel sector following a plunge in revenue during the lockdown. 

Rolls-Royce, which makes engines for aircrafts, will axe 3,000 employees and Tui has warned of 8,000 job losses across the planet. Virgin Atlantic has announced it will cut 1,150 jobs.

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