Boy, 6, plunges almost 40ft from zipwire after harness fails at amusement park

Shocking footage has surfaced of a six-year-old boy falling 40 feet into an artificial pool after his harness failed on a zipline at a Mexican amusement park on Sunday.

The incident happened at Parque Fundidora’s Amazonian Expedition, located in the Mexican state of Nuevo León, reports The Daily Express US.

According to the family, a tourist nearby jumped into the pool and saved youngster Cesar and they have blamed the park for poor training and also faulty equipment.

J Cesar Sauceda told Fox News Digital his brother suffered minor injuries and is recovering from the incident, but is “psychologically damaged” and “afraid”.

Authorities said the zipline is an attraction within Parque Amazonia that is operated by an individual, while umerous attractions at the park have now been suspended following the incident.

A government investigation into the incident is underway, according to officials.

It comes just days after a rider plunged to their death when a rollercoaster derailed in Sweden.

Thrill-seekers at Gröna Lund park watched in horror as the front of the roller coaster train appeared to jump off the tracks before coming to a sudden halt as one car tilted toward the ground, according to witnesses.

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Nine people, including three children, were rushed to the hospital in addition to the person killed in the derailment, the regional government said.

Park chief executive Jan Eriksson said: “The front of the train partly derailed and stopped on the track at a height of between six and eight meters [between 20 and 25 feet].

“A total of 14 people were onboard, of which one person has died and several are injured.”

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