Brazil allows trials of Chinese vaccine to resume

Public health officials said an “adverse incident” had no connection with the vaccine

SAO PAULO (AFP) – Brazil’s national health regulator allowed clinical trials of a Chinese-developed Covid-19 vaccine to resume on Wednesday (Nov 11), two days after suspending them in what critics called a decision tainted by politics.

The regulatory agency, Anvisa, said it had now received more details on the nature of the “adverse incident” that led it to halt trials of the CoronaVac vaccine, and had “sufficient information to allow vaccination to resume”.

Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, who has criticised the vaccine “from that other country”, had claimed the suspension as a victory.

However, public health officials said the “adverse incident” that led to the suspension – a volunteer recipient’s death, which police are investigating as a suicide – had no connection with the vaccine.

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