Brit boy dies on holiday as heartbroken family pays tribute to ‘beautiful’ son

A family have ben left heartbroken after their four-year-old son tragically died while they were on holiday.

Laura and Inoke Naioko took their adorable three children Anna, Wesley and Eleanor to Fiji for a sun-kissed holiday.

Disaster soon struck after Wesley became ill and the couple were forced to rush the tot to hospital.

Doctors did everything they could to try to save him but were told there was nothing more they could do for him, LeedsLive reports.

Little Wesley died on Thursday December 3 and his family are now faced with huge costs to bring their son home.

A family friend has started a GoFundMe fundraiser to ease Laura and Inoke’s financial burden and the £100 goal has easily been surpassed, reaching almost 10,000.

Shayra Meredith, who began the fundraiser, said: "A couple of weeks ago Wesley became poorly while in Fiji and was rushed to hospital.

"But unfortunately the doctors were unable to save him and he very sadly passed away on Thursday December 3.

"It was sudden and completely unexpected."

She added: "Wesley was only four, and if anyone knew Wesley and his beautiful family, your heart will be breaking like mine and the distance is painful.

"We can't be there and provide the love and support we usually would."

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Laura and Inoke are still in Fiji with Wesley and their children and have decided to hold a traditional service in the country.

As is tradition, there will be approximately 500 people at his funeral in Fiji and the family are expected to cater for this

Wesley will also be cremated and as this is not traditional in Fiji, it is more expensive, but would like to bring their son home so their "hearts can settle."

According to the GoFundMe, which you can donate to here, funds will also go towards repatriation flights back to the UK.

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