Brit facing death penalty for murder claims cops beat her to force confession

A British woman arrested on suspicion of arranging the murder of her husband has spoken of being tortured in a “hell hole” jail in Pakistan, it has been reported.

The body of Mohammad Farooq, 65, was allegedly found in a burned-out car in a rubbish dump near Rawalpindi in the Punjab.

Police identified his wife, 62-year-old Yasmin Kausar, as a prime suspect alongside Abdul Waheed, 22, who they say was in a relationship with her.

Authorities claim the two strangled Farooq at his home before driving his car to a location just under 30 miles away where they attempted to destroy the evidence, the Mail Online reported.

Kausar said she was repeatedly beaten by police in a bid to get her to confess, it is alleged.

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"I was held at a police station for two weeks, where I was hit every day,” she told the Daily Mail. “They tried to force a confession, but I wouldn’t make a statement that wasn’t true."

The couple’s daughter Saima Bashir, 38, claimed that Kausar was held in terrible conditions and had been prevented from taking essential medicine for her diabetes.

Saima told the Telegraph and Argus that the police tried to force a confession out of her: “She’s been subjected to mental and physical abuse since her arrest,” she said. “It’s very scary, she faces the death penalty."

Saima added: “My mum is 100% innocent. She was married to my stepdad for 23 years, they had a loving relationship.

“They were like soul mates, they were best friends. There’s no way my mum would have done this”.

“There’s no toyboy, there’s nothing like that."

The couple reportedly didn’t live together, with Farooq, a wealthy businessman living in a luxurious £1.5million home in Rawalpindi, while Kausar and her daughter lived in a smaller £180,000 home in another part of the city.

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Bradford West MP Naz Shah has taken up Kausar’s case. She has written to Shehbaz Sharif, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, highlighting concerns about how the investigation is being conducted.

Kausar’s son, Sajid, claims he has an audio recording of a conversation between himself and a police officer in which, he claims, the officer admits that Kausar is being framed.

Sajid said: “We’re distraught, upset and we feel helpless. It’s been exhausting.

“We want the UK government to get involved and see that her human rights have been adhered to.”

A spokesperson for the UK Foreign Office said: "We are in contact with the local authorities in Pakistan following the death of a British man and are providing consular support to his family."


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