Brit falls four floors from roof in Pakistan while watching wedding fireworks

A British man is fighting for his life after he fell four floors from the roof of a building in Pakistan while attending a wedding.

The man, Subby, is said to have been enjoying the festivities and fireworks while standing on top of the four-storey building before plummeting four floors to the ground below.

Harris Nasim, who says he is Subby's brother, says the Brit is currently on a life support machine after suffering damage to his brain and internal bleeding.

Nasim has now launched a GoFundMe in a desperate bid to raise enough cash for the medical bills, which he estimates could be up to £15,000.

Subby had flown out to the South Asian country from his home in Yorkshire before the freak accident put him in hospital, The Sun reports.

Writing on the GoFundMe page, Nasim wrote: "He's travelled without travel insurance and treatments are very costly in Pakistan especially to treat his injuries.

"He fell off the roof of his house in Pakistan which is four stories high and he's damaged his brain and has internal bleeding.

"He's currently on life support and those of you who have been abroad and received medical treatment in another country will know that it's not covered by the NHS like it is here in the UK and it comes at a great cost."

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Nasim continued: "The estimate for his treatment and care is around £10-£15k so I am setting up this GoFundMe to help towards raising funds to pay towards his medical bills.

"He's currently on a life support machine and is in desperate need of all the support he can get financially and emotionally.

"So please donate generously and remember out little Subby in your prayers please!"

Currently, well-wishers have donated more than £4000 for the Brit abroad fighting for his life.

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