Brit hairdresser who worried shed gained weight dies after cosmetic surgery

A Brit hairdresser who was worried about her looks has tragically died following complications with cosmetic surgery.

Louise Smith, 37, travelled to Iran for the operation while she was living in Dubai.

The 37-year-old reportedly wanted to change her appearance after complaining that she had gained weight throughout lockdown.

Louise, from Coventry, passed away on July 28 due to complications with the operation.

Pal Danni Chauhan told The Sun: “I still can’t comprehend that this has happened.

“What a young life lost all because we want to look a certain way that social media portrays us to look like. I’m so sorry you had to go through this alone.”

Louise’s sister Sharon Elston, 51, said: “We are all in shock at the moment.”

The Coventry-born woman worked at Toni & Guy in the UK for 19 years before moving to the Middle East in 2019 for a better life after a relationship ended.

Her family is now struggling to repatriate her body as the process is moving "incredibly slowly," according to her dad Neil.

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At the moment, there is sadly no date for her homecoming – which has left her heartbroken family without much-needed closure.

Over £14,000 has been raised through crowdfunding in memory of Louise.

Earlier this month, a Russian influencer suddenly died during a £4,000 nose job operation at an elite Russian clinic.

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Image guru Marina Lebedeva, 31, wanted the rhinoplasty procedure to "correct" the shape of her nose, foreign media reported.

As surgery was under way her temperature soared, possibly as a result of a reaction against the anaesthetic.

She died as the plastic surgeons and paramedics fought to save her at Artibeaut clinic in St Petersburg on August 25.

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