Brit pensioner crushed man to death while reversing pick-up truck in Thailand

A UK pensioner has been arrested in Thailand after he allegedly crushed a local man with his car following a crash.

From Newport, 70-year-old Stephen Peter Hobbs was reportedly in Rayong province on August 4 parking his pick-up when the car suddenly went into reverse.

The motor is said to have smashed into two men, crushing them against a lamppost, while also hitting four motorcycles.

One of the two men, 53-year-old Niran Pramuan, was pronounced dead at the scene while the second man 32-year-old Chanasak suffered serious injuries. He is understood to have been alive at the time of writing.

Both men were taken to Rayong hospital.

Mr Hobbs was then taken into custody.

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The vehicle was found overturned by responders and Mr Hobbs was said to have been in a weak state behind the wheel.

Four rescuers pulled Mr Hobbs from the vehicle, who was given first aid at the scene. Meanwhile, the injured men were given CPR – footage from the day appears to show one of them in a neck brace.

Police heard from eyewitnesses that Mr Hobbs had been parking his vehicle in a beachside spot shortly before sunset.

Lieutenant Colonel Nattawat added: “Damages at the scene will be assessed. We will prosecute Stephen after he recovers from the injuries for causing the crash.

“His alcohol blood level will be tested and we will also coordinate with the embassy to contact his relatives.”

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