Britain’s most brutal dog attacks from mum killed to girls lip being ripped off

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An 8st pitbull mauled a 10-year-old boy to death this earlier week leaving his family devastated.

Schoolboy Jack Lis was at a pal’s house when the killer canine pounced and latched itself onto the petrified boy’s leg.

Neighbours in Caerphilly, South Wales, reportedly tried to rescue Jack from the killer beast but he was unable to be saved.

His mum, Emma Whitfield, later wrote on Facebook: “We love you so much our sweet, sweet boy.”

Here, we take a look at other dog maulings that caused either catastrophic injuries or death across Britain.

Mum killed

A mum-of-three had her jugular vein torn open after being attacked by her two American bulldogs in 2019.

Elayne Stanley suffered devastating wounds to her upper arm, back, scalp and her neck during the nasty assault.

Neighbours desperately tried to distract the dogs with poles and by throwing bricks at them, but the 44-year-old mum died at the scene.

The heartbreaking incident happened at her home in Widnes, Chesire, on September 24 2019.

Elayne’s twin daughters, then 12, were upstairs at the time but did not witness the horrific attack.

Tot mauled

A staffie mauled a toddler and tore a triangular chunk from her mouth before the girl’s mum freed her from its deadly grip.

Little Michaela, two, was left “scarred for life” and needed surgery to her severely injured face after the attack.

Her mum, Lauren Clark, later said the usually affectionate dog was in the living room when she and her daughter ran in from playing in the garden.

She added: “All of a sudden he came out of the living room, pushed her over with his front two paws, used the paws to stand on her back, and as she turned her head around, he bit her face.”

Michaela sustained two lacerations to her cheek, had to have her lip stitched back together and the cartilage in her nose popped.

The attack happened earlier this year and the girl received treatment at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, Devon.

Boy left in wheelchair

John Henry Dundas was left screaming in agony after a dog locked its jaws around his leg – leaving him needing a zimmer frame and a wheelchair.

The 10-year-old suffered the horrific injury at the hands of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in October.

John, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was at a friend’s home when the dog took chunks from his leg and refused to let go.

His mum Natasha Dundas told the Daily Star: “It looked like he had been bitten by a shark.

“The whole thing has been horrific for him and he is still in so much pain. He can’t walk so has to use a wheelchair or a zimmer frame.

“They can’t tell us when he will be back to himself again.”

Rottweilers leave girl scarred

When Rhianna Kidd was 10 she needed a metal plate in her face and stitches all over her body after two Rottweilers pounced.

The now 21-year-old from Dundee recently spoke out to say how her life changed forever after the scary incident in 2010.

She was crossing the road to her gran’s house when the two beasts dragged her from her bicycle.

Her hero gran, Irene Grady, had to desperately punch and kick the dogs until they released their grip.

Rhianna suffered a twice-broken jaw, a partly chewed off left ear and severe gashes which required hundreds of stitches.

She recently told the Daily Star: “Even ten, eleven years on there’s still times where it might hit you and you have to wobble now and again but you will be fine eventually.”

Detached lip

Georgia Wilson-Wheeler was putting the bins out when a vicious dog left her requiring 25 stitches to reattach her lip.

The 18-year-old was savaged by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with a Pitbull back in March.

Her mum Cheryl Wilson told GrimsbyLive she witnessed her daughter running into their home screaming.

She added: “When she went outside, she noticed that there was a dog sniffing around the bins, and she quickly shooed it away. But when she knelt down to pick up some rubbish off the floor, the dog lunged at her.

“Georgia ran into the house screaming and bleeding everywhere.

“Thankfully I’ve had first aid training so I remained calm and got her some towels to cover her wound to reduce the bleeding.”

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