British Airways have just gone plane mad with woke ban on standard greeting

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As it’s nearly Halloween I thought we’d share some real-life horrors this week.

But brace yourself to be upset, ­offended and probably in need of a lie down in a darkened room, if not full-blown therapy.

Ready for some of the worst language you’ll hear all day?

Ladies. And. Gentlemen.

That’s it. I know. Sorry. Up there with the “n word”, the “c word” and even the “M word” (for Marbella).

Because the latest insanity in a world gone so far beyond woke joke it’s become a permanent, shambling insomniac, British Airways has decided to ban greeting passengers as “ladies and gentlemen” in case it upsets them.

Well I’m truly sorry but if anyone is genuinely upset – or even remotely bothered – about a flight attendant ­addressing them in this way they’re ­beyond being wrapped in cotton wool.

They need a padded cell.

I mean, seriously. The horrific ­murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa are upsetting.

The unnecessary deaths of so many of our old folk in care homes leaves you appalled. NOT three little words that are the epitome of politeness.

The reason, of course, is that the world’s favourite airline has decided the way to get its pandemic battered business back on track is to be more “inclusive and to embrace diversity”.

They reckon the words ladies and gentlemen exclude the trans and non-binary community who they are desperately keen not to upset. Eh? What about the vast majority of us who are, whisper it, quite happy to be men and women and addressed as such?

Why are we constantly bending over backwards to tiptoe around a tiny percentage of the population who mostly don’t even give a damn themselves?

The only things I don’t want to hear on a flight are, “Sorry we’ve run out of gin” and “Assume the brace position”.

A trans mate sighed at the news: “All this does is alienate people against us even more. Kicking me in the head for how I identify upsets me. Calling me ‘lady’ doesn’t.”

But it was ever thus wasn’t it? Virtue signalling, mostly white, straight, liberal lefty luvvies getting offended on behalf of the poor persecuted minorities they were put on Earth to protect.

Which is the very definition of being a patronising, condescending snob. It’s like London Mayor Sadiq Khan ripping down statues no one has even noticed for 200 years on behalf of the black “community” but ignoring the sons of that very community knifing one ­another in escalating postcode wars.

Lumps of stone are easier to score political points with. Saving lives not so.

And it’s getting worse.

Superman has joined the endless list of comic book characters to fly out of the closet.

Meanwhile, large toy stores in America must display children’s products in “gender-neutral” sections by LAW.

Yep, illegal to do the pink/blue thing.

But hey, feel free to buy a semi-automatic and shoot the hell out of one another.

Could fill the paper with this madness but the editor would tell me off.

Not that he could imply I’m badly ­behaved mind you…

Because, yep you’ve guessed it, teachers are being encouraged to drop describing pupils behaviour as “good” or “bad” to prevent them feeling guilty.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I give up!

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