Brits hopeful as 23C scorcher forecast this weekend after washout summer

As the UK prepares for one of the wettest summers since records began, there is hope on the horizon the lashings have ceased.

Despite several days of torrential downpours and heavy rain, which saw cars submerged in floods in London, sunnier skies are forecast this weekend.

The week is looking brighter, and most of Brits will see dry conditions and a spell of sunshine, according to the BBC long-range forecast for the next week.

For Thursday, low pressure will bring blustery winds and showers in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The south of the country will see the best of the sunny spells, with 24C expected across London and the east of England, and 19C for Cornwall and Plymouth.

By tonight, the low-pressure front will create a 'north/south divide' with northern parts of the UK seeing milder temperatures and more rainfall.

Aberdeen is forecast to experience 19C and 18C for Glasgow, whereas the capital could bask in 21C and 22C for Norwich.

When it comes to this weekend, BBC meteorologist Louise Lear said "it's really quite messy" after wetter weather is trying to move in from the Atlantic on the western coast.

The downpours are likely to affect Wales, Ireland and parts of Scotland as it moves north.

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High pressure moving in from the west will gradually sweep in, with London seeing at least 23C for Saturday.

Drier spells are expected for the south, but the air may feels fresher come Monday due to the north-westerly wind.

Ms Lear says the mercury is slightly below the average for this time of year – the lack of torrential rain in the coming days is good news for Brits after a washout summer.

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She said: "It's a bit of a wishy-washy weather scenario I suspect, but because of the high pressure stays with us for most of the time do expect a good deal of dry weather in the forecast.

"No significant rain to come, however, the temperatures from time to time be a little bit disappointing for this time of year."

For next week, the best of the weather is in the south, with highs of 22C from Wednesday to Friday, and Wales not far behind with 21C.

Whereas moving further north, slightly colder mercury is predicted, with highs of 18C throughout the week.

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