Brits to witness ‘snowiest period in 12 years’

UK weather: Met Office forecasts 'scrap' of cold and mild air

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Brits are likely to witness the “snowiest period in 12 years” as an arctic blast is all set to hit the UK with heavy snow, ice and freezing temperatures after Christmas, a news report has claimed. Forecasters have warned that the country could see a major winter blast blow in from the Arctic, with winds as cold as -11C.

Long-range forecasters blame complex meteorological events on the other side of the world unfolding in a similar pattern to the drivers behind the brutal 2018 Beast from the East.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, told GB news: “Temperatures will drop in the run up to Christmas and this could bring the risk of snow to parts of the country, some of which may fall to lower levels.

“The rest of December and January are showing signs of frequent spells of cold wintry weather with below-average temperatures and numerous wintry blasts.

“We could now be looking at a lengthy cold period setting in for a number of weeks and the potential for some of the coldest and snowiest weather since December 2010.”

Mr Madden said the third weekend in January – Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 – could see the peak of the wintry blast.

He added: “The North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) is changing to a negative phase, and this could boost the drivers of sustained cold weather.

“In addition, we could also see a quite major cold spell from a sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) event developing around mid-January.

“This much colder weather may also be influenced by La Nina which could affect atmospheric circulation and blocking patterns, pressure systems, and most importantly, the run of the jet-stream from early December and January.”

The Met Office has said colder weather could return from Boxing Day until early January, with rain and snow arriving alongside brighter spells.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “It will stay mild, particularly in the south, before another front moves through from the north bringing colder air into Britain.

“The timing of this is still uncertain and depends on the development of low pressure to the west and high pressure to the east of the country.

“However, it will turn colder from the north through the Christmas period as Polar air moves across the country.”

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According to the Met Office, snow is possible into mid-January and they also also warned of frequent cold spells through the coming weeks.

A spokesman told GB news: “Confidence is relatively low during early and mid-January.

“Temperatures are most likely to be around average, though there is a greater likelihood of cold spells compared to normal.

“Snow remains possible at times, most likely over hills in the north but could fall to lower levels at times.”

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