Brits would be told to eat bugs and insects under PMs bonkers eco plan

Brits across the country may have been asked to eat bugs and insects as part of a new green initiative from the Prime Minister.

Deciding that the same nutrition of a mighty steak or a lovely fried egg can be found in maggots and worms, the eco-friendly foods may hit the market.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's government had previously written that a homegrown edition of I'm A Celebrity… will improve diets and "protein sources".

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In writing struck off from the final document, a leaked draft of the Carbon Budget highlighted some ways of improving the United Kingdom's environmental status, including eating creepy crawlies.

Further excerpts of the document, reported by The Sun, showed that initial drafts believed "insects may offer environmental benefits".

Government insiders had written up the draft, which added there was research needed in developing an "alternative protein", one option being insect eating.

Countryside Alliance chief Tim Bonner has since slammed the potential changes to everyday diets and told civil servants to "get real" about what the public will swallow.

Chief Bonner said: "Civil servants need to get real about what the public are prepared to swallow and I can’t see there being very much of an appetite for mealworm burgers.

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"We already have a vastly sustainable red meat sector in this country that has incredibly high animal welfare standards."

It is not the first time the bug-based foods have been floated, with The Daily Star previously reporting the potential worm "burgers" being offered up as a solution for world hunger.

Dr. Hee Cho said at the time: "Insects are a nutritious and healthy food source with high amounts of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, fibre and high-quality protein — which is like that of meat."

It would appear bug based burgers and other insect assorted food is not yet going to hit UK shelves, although Brussels has introduced "novelty" food items such as crickets.

The Daily Star has contacted the Energy Department for comment.

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