Brother hopes captured Brit war hero may come home safe as Russia demand swap

A Brit has revealed that his family are hopeful his war-hero brother may return to the UK, unharmed as part of a swap.

Aiden Aslin has been taken as a prisoner of war in Ukraine after Russian forces claimed he was an enemy agent rather than a prisoner of war.

The 27-year-old signed up for the Ukrainian marines in 2018 and has dual UK-Ukraine citizenship, with Russian state media claiming he was a mercenary "used [by the West] to perform various delicate tasks" – a claim he strongly denies.

Currently, Russian law states that those who are suspected of spying face interrogation and even prison, whereas prisoners of war are released at the end of the conflict.

Now, his brother Nathan Wood, 25, has revealed that his brother looked unharmed in a video that appears to suggest Kremlin officials are keen to exchange him for pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, who is being held in Ukraine.

Speaking to The Mirror, social worker Nathan said: "The Prime Minister is aware Aiden has been taken prisoner of war, it gives us a bit of hope but it is now a waiting game.

"There needs to be a positive outcome and now the Russians are talking about him potentially being freed in a prisoner swap, he is hopefully being with humanity.

"They have made their demands clear, hopefully, they are treating him like a prince, they don't want to show him with scratches and bruises because it could harm their chances.

"This could all takes, days, weeks, months but the Ukrainian and Russian governments appear to be talking and now we need Britain to offer some support."

He went on to add that his family have to "be patient" but are "more confident now that Aiden will be released."

Aiden was captured in Mariupol and has since appeared in videos being handcuffed and covered in bruises after claims he was being interviewed under duress for propaganda.

His mum, Ang Wood, is in frequent contact with the Foreign Office and claims she was phoned by Russian captors, who urged her to pressure Boris Johnson to discuss Aiden being freed, in return for pro-Russian Viktor Medvedchuk.

She claims Aiden looks well and is being fed, given water and has also been given an e-cigarette.

In a now-deleted video shared on YouTube, Ukrainian X-Factor host Oxana Marchenko said: "I address the relatives of captured citizens of Great Britain Aiden Aslin and of Shaun Pinner.

"It is in your power to ask the PM of your country Boris Johnson to influence Ukrainian leadership and to achieve Aiden's and Shaun's release by their exchange for my husband [Medvedchuk]."

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