Brutal Iranian regime has killed 65 children in 100 days protests

Rishi Sunak warns of increasing threat from Iran

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Of these, five were aged under 10. They included Diana Mahmoudi, aged eight, who was shot by security forces in Piranshahr on October 29. And Hasti Narouie, a six-year-old girl from Iran’s oppressed Balochi minority, was killed on September 30 in Zahedan after being hit in the head with a tear gas canister during a violent crackdown on a protest.

Meanwhile, Sarina Saedi, 15, was killed after taking part in protests in Sanandaj on October 26.

Security forces beat her on the head with several baton blows leaving her severely injured.

After finding her unresponsive in bed the next day her family rushed her to hospital where doctors found she had suffered a fatal brain haemorrhage.

One of the most dramatic cases was the murder of nine-year-old Kian Pirfalak, shot by security officials during protests in Izeh on November 16.

His mother Zeinab described how they were on their way to their house when they reached an intersection where riot police had been stationed.

She said Kian’s father, Meysam, was obeying orders to turn their car around at a checkpoint when plainclothes officials opened fire. Zeinab told how, amid the shootings, she opened the front passenger’s car door and loudly alerted the officials that her children were in the car, pleading for them to stop.

She said: “I don’t know why they shot at us. They bombarded the car with bullets. I told the kids to hide under the seats. My younger child hid under the car’s dashboard, but Kian was chubby and didn’t fit under the seat.”

More than 750 people have been killed by Iranian authorities and thousands injured since nationwide protests began in September, following the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, who died in custody after being arrested for not correctly wearing her headscarf.

Shahin Gobadi, of the exiled opposition group National Council of Resistance of Iran, said: “This clerical regime recognises no boundaries. In the last 100 days its savage crackdown has included killing innocent children and hanging protesters from cranes in public as it tries unsuccessfully to quell the people’s uprising, which has united Iranians from all generations.”

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