Cars dumped outside homes near airport as families try to avoid parking fees

The eye-watering costs of airport parking are resulting in chaos in the streets as fed-up motorists look to leave their cars elsewhere for hours on end.

The issue is driving residents near Liverpool John Lennon Airport round the bend, with cars being left on double yellows and central reservations as well as across driveways.

The area around Hale Road and Hale Drive has become noisier and there’s been an increase in the amount of rubbish – and there have even been reports of people urinating in private gardens.

Anthony Brown, 73, who has lived there for more than 30 years, told the Liverpool Echo: "It's very frustrating. They park in between ours and next door's car and you can't get your car out.

"It varies each day – it's early morning and late at night. You get nothing and then there's a typhoon [of cars].”

Anthony, who has moved his bedroom into the back of his house due to the noise of people parking outside to catch flights in the early hours and late at night, has seen a woman urinating on the central reservation and a man committing the disgusting act in a front garden.

The airport's car parking charges mean it costs £4 to park directly opposite the terminal for up to 10 minutes, £10 for up to 20 minutes and £25 for up to an hour.

But the airport points out that there’s a free drop-off point about the same distance from the airport terminal by foot as Hale Road, where people can park without paying for up to 40 minutes.

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A spokesperson said: “We share residents' frustration over the behaviour of some drivers who choose to park on public roads close to the airport when picking up or dropping off passengers, when we have on-site car parks specifically designated for this use.

"This includes a free drop-off car park for those who do not want to pay for the convenience of being close to the terminal, with parking available for up to 40 minutes free of charge.

"Unfortunately, because some cars choose to park on public roads outside of the airport, we have no control on parking in these areas or on measures to deter drivers from parking here.

"We have had discussions with residents, local councillors and the city council in the past to look at ways to tackle this problem and to deter such parking but sadly this continues to be a problem.”

Liverpool City Council has been approached for comment.

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