Cat steps onto snow for first time and instantly regrets it in hilarious clip

A cat owner has captured her feline's reaction when she steps onto snow for the first time this winter.

Reddit user petsnchargelife shared a hilarious footage of her 16-year-old moggie TomTom going outside the house under snowy weather.

The chubby white and orange feline stands on the doorstep and puts his front paw onto a thick layer of the white stuff.

His tail flicks when he registers the freezing cold under his paw.

But he seems to have regretted going out and quickly withdraws the hand.

TomTom looks up at his owner with an unimpressed reaction and immediately gets back into the house.

The owner wrote: "16 years old TomTom, tried it and will be waiting inside on a heating pad."

The clip left viewers in stitches as they commented they can see the disappointment in TomTom's eyes.

One said: "My cat does that with the balcony! He looks out and then he's completely disappointed with my decision to make it cold and wet outside."

"That reaction says it all," another added. "Ears in takeoff position, narrowed eyes, and that hard stare. Too funny."

A third narrated for the moggie, saying: "Nope, that isn't for me. Thanks!"

A fourth added: "The cat is betrayed by the owner. The pure disgust look in his face."

Cat owners shared their hilarious encounters with their pets, and one showed their cat rolling around in glitter before putting up a regretful expression.

The unfortunate pet appeared to have found a homemade sign saying "cheers" and decided to roll around on top of it, even though it still had loose sparkles on it.

And his coat of fur was covered in glitters as the owner said: "Oh dear."

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