Cats filmed having ‘laziest fight ever’ that looks like a game of Patty Cake

A pet shop owner has caught her cats playing what seems to be a version of "Patty Cake" in a video that has exploded online.

Reddit user bongo173 posted a clip showing the tabby cat doing synchronised moves with its playmate inside the Moggie Catz pet shop in Thailand.

The two felines are almost mirroring each other when they touch with their furry paws.

Sitting on their hind legs, the cats throw out their soft punches slowly while their human friends giggle and watch from the side.

It seems to be the most relaxed cat fight ever as they flip their ears to the back and put on grumpy looks with their whiskers pulled forward and fanned out.

At one point, the white moggie seems to get tired of the play and walks off abruptly.

But the orange cat keeps its paw out, asking for another round.

The scene looked similar to the typical hand-clapping dance that accompanies the song "Patty Cake" and the user pointed to that in the caption, writing: “Purrdy cake, purrdy cake.”

It has since received more than 64,000 upvotes and viewers flocked to the comments section.

One said: "That is the laziest cat fight ever, and I am fully in support."

Another one mimicked: "Alright, let's settle this old fashion way, no guns, no swords, no spirit energy, let's do this mano a mano.'"

An amazed viewer wrote: "These are two lazy cats fighting it out in the least enthusiastic turf war I’ve ever seen."

Meanwhile, a heartwarming video captures a cat snuggling up with its canine friend and kneading on the fur.

The loved up pair have won viewers' hearts over with their incredible affection.

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