Cave diver triggers claustrophobia in clip of him wriggling through tiny crevice

Thousands of people have responded to a nerve-wracking video that shows a caver wriggling through an extremely small space – claiming it has triggered their claustrophobia.

In the jaw-dropping clip, the man named Calvin, can be seen working his way through a dark and narrow gap in the cave, with just a torch to help see him through.

The footage was posted on Reddit with the caption: “Caving expert and cave survivalist professional. Claustrophobia isn’t a fear, it’s a way of life.”

It has since gathered a staggering 44,000 views, but many users said they couldn't watch the full clip, with one stating they "couldn’t watch more than five seconds."

The brave caver told his viewers: “If I get stuck, I have this rock with me, such that I can pop off some of these knuckles, which made it very hard to get into. And I have to go slow.”

In response to his video, one user commented: “I have a mild panic attack just watching that.”

While another person wrote: “Holy s***. So much anxiety. I can’t even watch this guy, much less do that.”

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A third said: “Thanks Reddit, I USED to have mild claustrophobia, now I'm going to have to sleep outside…”

One user added: “I don’t think I was particularly claustrophobic, but now I am. I hate what I saw. I would freak the f*** out.”

The full clip was uploaded on YouTube by uncle and nephew duo Jacob and Calvin on their channel Caveman Hikes which refers to the mission as 'the worst claustrophobic caving you will ever see.'

Fortunately Calvin made it out alive and could be seen standing up before he ripped off his T-shirt as he acknowledged his feat.

The caver confessed that he felt "tired" after navigating the tight space but managed to put on a smile as he emerged from the cave.

The full video, along with his other suspenseful adventures, can be found here.

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