Certified pre-owned sex dolls for sale with tears and dimpled breasts

A kinky sex doll website has garnered attention after it advertised "certified pre-owned sex dolls" for sale.

Galmato Heaven boasts an array of sex doll-related goods besides selling the second-hand plastic playthings, including a sex doll spa and even a custom dildo-making service.

Although some of the dolls are good as new, a few of them have been left with some wear and tear from zealous previous owners.

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The description of one doll reads: "Quinn is ready for a good time.

"She’s not uptight at all, literally. The original owner ordered the upper body joints in the arms and neck to be very loose.

"The arms do not currently hold any pose and the neck is also loose."

Quinn, who has now gone to a second loving home, also had "minor scarring" on her arms.

And the dolls are not cheap, either.

One doll, described as a "talkative beauty" with an AI head was put up for sale at $7,000 (around £6,000) – but there are a few small catches.

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"This talkative beauty is looking for a new place to call home.

"She’s in great, but not perfect, shape. The head is in perfect functioning condition, but the body has a few small defects.

"There is some mild dimpling in the left breast."

But all was not lost for the damaged doll, and the website had some words of wisdom for the sex toy's new owner.

"The factory suggests that regular massage can help to clear this up. A few minor nicks in the body have also been corrected."

Another says of one doll that her: "only flaw is a home repair done on a vaginal cavity tear".

Concerningly, the website differentiates between "used" and "unused" dolls, with some coming directly from the factory and others coming pre-loved – literally.

One advert read: "Violet is a supremely rare treat on multiple levels.

She comes straight from the Realdoll factory to Galmato Haven. Her new home will be her first home."

While some dolls came fully formed others just come as heads – or just lower bodies, with one sold-out pre-owned "torso", complete with plastic female genitalia, described as "the perfect lightweight solution for discreet fun".


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