Charles Bronson brags he should be having Guinness this Crimbo in parole hopes

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The notorious convict Charles Bronson has said he "will make history’" by securing a public parole hearing by the end of the year.

Bronson, 69, reckons he “should be having a Guinness for Crimbo” having become the first person in the UK to have their review held out in the public eye.

"The most violent prisoner in Britian" has spent most of the past half-century in a cage – and much of that in solitary confinement.

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In a letter toMetro, he explained his ambitions for release, making it clear that he thought it was finally his time to get free.

He penned: “My legal team are up for it.

“We could, should, make history here.

“This mob have now run out of excuses on locking me up in a concrete coffin.

“It’s now just pure vindictiveness. Make believe c**p.

“I should be having a Guinness for Crimbo.”

The parole board are understood to have received the request, though no decision has been announced yet. He however, has set his own date for release: December 12.

He changed his name in 2014 to Charles Salvador, after the Spanish artist Salvador Dali and has admitted in the past that he “probably deserves a good 30 years caged up”, but feels the last 20 years of his incarceration are “revenge”.

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He’s one of the longest-serving prisoners in the UK – he was handed a seven-year sentence for armed robbery in 1974 and has only had two short stints out of the cage since.

Violence towards guards and inmates earned him an ever-growing sentence that stretched further and further into the future while he was moved around the system.

He even made friends with the Kray twins at one point, in 1976 while he was locked up at Parkhurst psychiatric facility.

He got his tastes of freedom in 1987 and 1992, but both were short-lived affairs, sent back for armed robbery and robbery conspiracy respectively.


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