Charles Bronsons model ex stands by inmate in bid for release after 48 years

A love interest of Charles Bronson’s has stood by her ex-man for the duration of his bid for release.

Former model Gemma Fernandez stuck by the “UK’s most notorious prisone r” after the pair allegedly struck up a “romance” communicating through letters and video calls.

The Mirror revealed that the ex-FHM girl was there on both days of his parole hearing as he tried to get out of the cage after 48 years inside.

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Later on, once Covid restrictions had been lifted, Gemma was allowed to visit Bronson at HMP Woodhill.

Sources have claimed that the infamous prisoner even wanted to marry her because he was so loved up.

She has also completed work campaigning for her fella’s release, setting up a petition called Free Charles Salvador.

But things went wrong for the pair as no sooner had Charles seemingly found the one, he wrote from prison that they had “split”.

He said: “I’m no longer with Gemma. We split. Romance and prison don’t mix. It’s two different worlds. I believe in freeing ones you love.”

As the hearing rolled on, however, Gemma appeared wearing a “Free Charles Salvador” t-shirt outside the Royal Court of Justice watching a live stream of the petition.

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She is understood to have remained a firm supporter of his, despite the pair’s parting of ways.

Speaking to the Mirror, she said: “I’ve been advised not really to say anything.

“I just think he’s done really well and it’s time that he got out.”

Asked whether she and Charles still speak she said: “I’m really supportive of him.”

She explained on a podcast about true crime last year how she had watched the 2008 film Bronson, starring Tom Hardy.

The film inspired her to write to the famous inmate with the two sparking up a conversation that would go on most days.

She told Steve Wraith’s YouTube channel: “He’s got a big heart, he cares about people. He’s such a nice bloke.”

She added: “His talents are endless really.

“He’s forever creating and he’s hilarious at the same time. Some of his stuff is very deep and hard hitting too.”

She added: “Years ago I wanted to write to him after seeing the film and I never really did.

“But with the lockdown happening and everyone suffering with their mental health I thought, ‘He’s been banged up for 23 hours a day, for 46 years, I need to write to him’. The rest is history really.”

The final day of his parole hearing will take place on Friday (March 10).

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