Charles Gaines arrested in Aurora is a suspect in a series of Calif. sex assaults

Aurora police helped capture a 26-year-old man who is linked to multiple sex assault cases in Colorado, the department said Friday.

In August, Charles Gaines, 26, was arrested by Aurora police on a warrant related to an extortion investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, according to a news release. Upon the arrest, a DNA profile of the suspect was obtained linking him to outstanding rape cases investigated by the Simi Valley Police Department (SVPD).

On Saturday, SVPD detectives traveled to Aurora and arrested Gaines, who had been released from Colorado custody, as a suspect in a “series of sexual assaults” in California in 2020. He is again in custody and awaiting extradition to California. Aurora police aided the SVPD in the arrest here.

A Ventura County California arrest warrant for Gaines lists multiple charges including: forcible rape; rape of a minor over 14 years old; human trafficking with a minor; and witness intimidation. Search warrants were served at an Aurora residence as part of the ongoing California investigation.


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