China coronavirus panic: City of 2.8m gripped by ‘mysterious’ new outbreak

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Officials in China are working to uncover the source of a new cluster of coronavirus cases in a north-eastern city. The city of Mudanjiang in
Heilongjiang province has recorded a total of 11 domestic infections with no symptoms in the past three days.

The new cases have prompted local authorities to shut down public transport, with railway and coach stations closed yesterday.

Domestic and international flights have all been cancelled.

Now, schools and classes have been suspended with students sent home.

The city government has yet to release an official notice to seal off all residential complexes.

However, online posts from citizens have claimed that their compounds were put under isolation.

Local health authorities reported the cluster’s first two cases on Tuesday.

A local couple contracted the killer bug from an unknown source that officials are still trying to track down.

The residential complex where the couple lived has been sealed off, with no outsider allowed to enter, according to Chinese media.

The city of Mudanjiang is situated in a north-eastern Chinese region of over 100million people, Dongbei, which has been ravaged by the deadly disease after two cities went into Wuhan-style lockdown this month.

On Wednesday, Mudanjiang officials reported five more asymptomatic patients.

Another four new infections were reported by the local authorities yesterday.

The nine infected residents were said to have had close contact with the couple who first contracted the deadly virus, according to official statements.

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Authorities said that the first two patients were detected while local officials were conducting coronavirus screening in the city.

A video released by Pear Video today shows the city’s airport empty with shut doors as a staff member said that all flights had been cancelled with no confirmed dates of when flights will resume.

This comes after the provincial capital of Heilongjiang, Harbin city, adopted draconian quarantine measures in late April.

This was after the are reported more than 70 infections.

The virus was believed to have been brought into the city by a student who had returned from New York.

Growing fears of a second wave have been fuelled in the vast region with 108million residents after two cities from the area went under Wuhan-style lockdown earlier on this month.

Shulan, a city of 700,000 people located in Jilin province, has been under lockdown since May 9 after reporting 12 COVID-19 cases in the space of two days.

Four days later, the city of Jilin, with a population of more than four million, shut its borders and suspended public transport after reporting six new cases, all linked to the infection cluster in Shulan.

The city has reported at least 43 infections, all linked to the same source, a local laundry worker.

But it continues to remain unknown how she first contracted the bug.

According to Jilin officials, a total of twenty COVID-19 patients are being treated at local hospitals.

Two deaths have been reported according to the latest figures.

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