China warned to ‘get ready’ and expect ‘international response’ after coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus has decimated economies and societal norms in a short period of time across the globe. Political commentator Darren Grimes argued that China will have to prepare for an international response when the pandemic is over. While on TalkRadio with Dan Wootton, Mr Grimes insisted that Britons, in addition to people from around the world, were outraged at China’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.


China’s Communist Party has also been accused of covering up the discovery of COVID-19 and has faced scepticism over its official coronavirus figures.

Mr Grimes said: “China has got us exactly where they want us.

“We are so dependant on China these days, to the point where we can not criticise them whatsoever at the moment.

“I think once we get through this, after this, that is when we need greater resilience and state capacity to protect us from these dangers.”

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Mr Grimes noted that American politicians are currently looking at ways to hold China to account for the spread of coronavirus through the world.

He continued: “The disinformation campaign has come from the US State Department, they have actually released that.

“You have got Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri introducing a bill that would pave the way for coronavirus lawsuits in US courts against China.”

Mr Grimes closed by insisting the countries of the world most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic will be looking to China for reparations.

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Mr Grimes said: “Eventually there will be an international response to this.

“China needs to get ready for it to be honest.

“I do think, like the British public, many countries around the globe are absolutely hopping mad at the way in which China has allowed this virus to spread around the world.”


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China faced criticism over its initial response to the outbreak in Wuhan towards the end of December last year.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has also faced criticism for underplaying the issue at the beginning of the crisis.

In addition, questions have been raised on how much influence China has over the WHO.

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