Circus performer on rollerblades plunges 20ft to ground after mistiming leap

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A stuntman on rollerblades fell 20 feet during a live circus performance, fracturing his wrist but surviving.

Professional skater and stuntman Lukasz Malewski was performing at the Flic Flac circus in Duisburg, Germany, when the incident happened on the 22nd December, 2021.

The skater said "I felt like a car had hit me" when he smashed against the deck. British stuntman Joe Atkinson was performing with Lukasz when he took a tumble.

Joe, who is also a pro skater, said: "I was running up the stairs for the next jump and I heard a bang. One of the scooter riders attempted to spot him as he fell."

A dramatic clip shows Lukasz getting his take-off jump badly wrong, and falling before he'd even got to the jump.

But with his momentum he takes off on his backside, sending him horizontal.

Flying high into the rafters in front of a packed audience Lukasz comes down and manages to get one foot onto the landing ramp.

He manages to get two hands briefly on the landing ramp but he simply doesn't have enough momentum to carry him over and he falls backwards over the precipice.

The landing ramp is 20ft above the ground with nothing to break his fall Lukasz hits the deck hard.

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Another stunt performer on a scooter had spotted that the jump had gone awry and attempts to break Lukasz's fall but doesn't get there in time.

Lukasz, who discovered the fractured wrist after a second trip to hospital, said: "It could have been much worse.

"I have bruised ribs, hip, shoulder. I felt like a car had hit me. But I'm fine, I'm alive."

When asked what went wrong, Lukasz simply replied: "I f*** it up before the take off."

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