College student, 21, dumped at hospital dead after taking Uber from night out

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A college student has been declared dead after taking an Uber following a night out with pals.

The 21-year-old from the University of New Orleans was dropped off unresponsive at a hospital where she was declared dead.

Ciaya Jordan Whetstone attended Mardi Gras parades on Friday and later went out with friend Juliet Orr to a bar.

Juliet told the New Orleans Advocate that Ciaya was driven to her boyfriend's house in the suburbs and later took an Uber to check on her dog in the middle of the night.

Her roommate, Reese White, said that Ciaya told her she was going with the driver whom she described as a friend to “go find her car”.

Reese told the paper: "I tried to convince her not to go."

One of Ciaya's other friends, Robert Torres, rang her at around 1.30am on Saturday morning where he heard the driver ask her: "Do you like to party?"

Reportedly she told Robert that she will ring him back, but never did.

The news outlet reported it was unclear who dropped the girl off at 7am at the hospital.

Police said she arrived via “private conveyance”, a term used in cases where an ambulance isn’t involved.

Currently it is unclear what the cause of death was.

The girl's stepdad shared how "shocked" the family are and how they have "got a tough few days ahead of us".

The University officials said that Ciaya was a business administration junior who was due to graduate in 2023.

School president John Nicklow said in a statement: “As a University, few things are more challenging than dealing with the sadness of the death of a student. Our thoughts are with Ciaya’s family and friends.

“We are offering counselling services to students and employees who need support."

Fellow students also shared their worries. One said: “Hearing stuff like that, about a fellow student, exacerbates that fear and anxiety of leaving my house."

Another added: “Hearing things that happened, especially to women nowadays, it’s just scary going anywhere by yourself, so I always have someone with me.”

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