Colorado firefighter rescues man from 30-foot freezing sinkhole – The Denver Post

A harrowing rescue from Leadville Lake County Fire Rescue happened Saturday after a person fell 30 feet into a sinkhole.

After 6 p.m., a team responded after a person was found at the bottom of an ice and water-filled hole. It was a freezing and unstable pit that required firefighter Alex Conlin to rappel down inside.

Using a ladder across the top of the hole, Conlin rappelled down and was then able to help the man into the safety gear attached to a safety line and secured to the fire engine keeping him from sinking into the water.

The rescued man was immediately taken by ambulance to the airport, where a helicopter was waiting to transport him to a metro area hospital for treatment of injuries. The man’s condition was not immediately known.

Conlin was also treated due to the cold temperatures.

In a statement, Conlin said, “Risk a lot to save a lot, risk a little to save a little, risk nothing to save nothing.”

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