Comedian shows struggles of ordering pizza while living in Tower of London

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A man has shared his struggle of trying to get a pizza delivery to his residence inside the Tower of London.

Tom Houghton, 36, is one of 130 residents of England's popular tourist attractions, in his case a medieval castle where Henry VIII's wife, Ann Boleyn, was executed in 1536.

The comedian, whose father is Lord Houghton of Richmond who commanded British forces for three years until 2016, has been living in the castle since the beginning of pandemic in 2020.

Her regularly shares videos on TikTok and Instagram to give an insight of life living inside the Tower of London.

In one viral post, he shows fans how difficult to do tasks as simple as order a takeaway.

He re-enacts a dialogue with the restaurant staff: "Perfect, yeah, the delivery address is the Tower of London…

"Because that's where I live…I promise you I'm not lying because people do actually live there."

Tom then gives a delivery instruction to the driver, saying: "You won't actually be able to literally deliver it to my front door.

"Well, you won't be able to get past the battle gates, or the moat."

Apparently, delivery drivers also have a problem at locating Tower of London as he specifically mentions it's the "only castle by River Thames".

"It took a while, but Domino's and I are cool now," he added in the comments.

His viewers were laughing their heads off while watching Tom describe the Beefeaters as "the little red men".

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One wrote: "When you have to argue England's history with the local pizza delivery place just so you get your meal."

"This is a struggle I never knew I needed to know about," another said and a third added: "This is a hardcore first world problem if ever there was one!"

Tom admitted that it was a real "castle struggle" and he sometimes pretends his name as "Henry" to make light of the situation.

"The pizza's always cold. I should just eat ice cream," he confessed.

Tom has recently posted updates about his standup gig, "Honourable Tour", and released the upcoming dates in March.

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