Conspiracist who thinks world is ending tonight says ‘judgement day is coming’

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A whacky Doomsday conspiracist who thinks the world is ending Monday has insisted "judgement day is coming".

Pastor and infamous YouTuber Paul Begley has become known for his outlandish claims over the end of the world.

His latest theory was that doomsday will strike on December 21 – which happens to be his birthday – but his bold statement has not yet played out.

But the doomsday preacher has not backed down and has insisted that there have been prophetic signs this year that show our days are numbered.

Originally using the Mayan calendar and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn as evidence that December 21 would be the apocalypse, Begley has found more evidence that we are “living” in the end of days.

Speaking on his YouTube channel on Sunday, he said: “The sun setting, the crescent moon and the grand conjunction. It’s a sign in the heavens. God has set it up for this prophetic year of 2020.

“The year we have seen the most contentious political climate in the history of this country. The year of locust. The year of typhoons, the year of hurricanes. The year of the virus, of containment, of shutdowns.

“All of these things happening plus much more, and then we have these signs in the heavens. Remember what Jesus said: Jesus said there shall be signs in the sun, the moon and the stars.”

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Turning to scripture to back up his claims, he added: “In Luke 21 it says ‘then shall they see the son of man coming, in the clouds with power and great glory. When these things come to pass, he said look up and lift up your head and your redemption is drawing nigh’.

“In the book of Joel, chapter two verse 28, [it says] ‘I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood and fire, and pillars of smoke, when the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.’

“Well, we just had the sun darken in a solar eclipse on December 14. We had a total solar eclipse of the sun. On Halloween we had a very rare blue moon. All these things are happening right now. We are in the last days. It’s not ‘if’ we are, it’s ‘yes’ we are.

"I was being interviewed once and I said 'you're in the middle of it. You're living the last days'.

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“…This is a wake up call, this is the time to repent. The most important thing that should be on your mind is ‘do you have things settled with God?’, and have you prepared you family for the coming apocalypse?

“Have you told them that there is a day coming when men will cry for the rocks in the mountains. Have you told them judgement day is coming?

“Have you explained that it will be a glorious day for those who are saved, but it is doomsday for those who aren’t. We are running out of time. The clocks are about to strike midnight. Time shall be no more.

“The bible says it, but people are not ready.”

Previously the pastor had claimed that December 21 could be the all-important date.

He finished on Sunday: “What if tomorrow was the rapture? I’m just saying what if it was. I don’t know, I don’t think so. But what do I know.

"…Get ready for 2021, if we’re still here.”

Theorists have previously prophesied that the ancient Mayans had conjured up a date for doomsday, famously believing that 2012 would see end day.

Previously some believed that December 21 2012 was the real apocalypse but clearly that didn't happen.

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