Coronavirus carnage: Italy suffers biggest one day death toll with nearly 1,000 victims

Now at 9,134 deaths, the nation has 86,948 cases, more than China but behind the United States. The increase in infections is only 7.4 percent, however, which is the lowest since the Italian crisis began in the country which has banned all non-essential activities. Franco Locatelli, who heads the council advising the Italian government on health, said: “If I had to decide using today’s data, I believe it is inevitable these measures will be prolonged.”

Schools and universities are shut until April 3.


Lucia Azzolina, Public Education Minister, said this may have to be extended: “Our aim is to ensure that students return to school only when we are completely sure that it is safe.

“Health is the priority.”

The northern region of Lombardy, where Milan, Brescia and Bergamo are located, accounts for 43 percent of cases and 60 percent of deaths.

Silvia Brusaferro, the head of the national health institute warned: “We haven’t reached the peak and we haven’t passed it.”

He noted there appeared to be “signs of a slowdown” in infections.

He added: “When the descent begins, how steep it is will depend on our behaviour.”

The Italian Association of Doctors confirmed on Friday that 45 doctors who tested positive for coronavirus have died.

More than 6,000 health workers are believed to have been infected.

Earlier this week, Filippo Anelli, the president of the doctors’ federation said: “What we face every day is a real war bulletin.

“Doctors and their families mourn their dead.”

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte tweeted Thursday the state was there to support workers and families and called for Italians to come together to tackle the crisis.


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Italy is the worst affected nation in Europe.

The country has become the second nation in 24 hours to overtake China’s infection rate.

The United States currently has most cases worldwide.

Poorer parts of Southern Italy are concerned about the increases in their cases.

Vincenzo de Luca is the president of the Campania region, in which Naples is located.

On Thursday he claimed the central government had not provided ventilators and other life-saving equipment.

Mr de Luca said: “At this point there is the real prospect that Lombardy’s tragedy is about to become the south’s tragedy.”

Mr Conte has, as per BBC, promised a second stimulus package worth £23billion.

He said the whole of Europe would be hit with a recession.

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